At our Nissan dealership in North Haven, CT, a lot of new car buyers are looking for green or eco-friendly vehicles. Gone are the days when electric and hybrid cars compromised driver comforts for the sake of range and environmentally friendly features. Today, new models are raising the bar for both electric/hybrid vehicles and automotive technology in general. If you are looking for new Nissan cars that offer a ton of efficiency without sacrificing comfort or affordability, the new 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus is exactly what you are looking for!

Details about the 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus have recently been revealed so we have an idea of what to expect from the upcoming Nissan hybrid car. This model will be a brand new version of the Nissan Leaf that packs more power and a longer range than ever before. A confirmed 60-kWh battery pack rated at about 200 horsepower improves its engine power by more than 50 HP from the 2018 year model. 

There’s also a much higher driving range that comes with the 2019 Nissan Leaf E-Plus. It is predicated that the new range is around 225 miles from the 60-kWh battery alone. This kind of distance is about a 74 mile increase over the previous rating. Recharging is also expected to take less time than ever, as a prototype was spotted refilling at a station at about half the time as in the past.

The official reveal of this upcoming Nissan electric model is expected to occur during the L.A. Auto Show in November. When that happens, we will find out the full details, including a release date and pricing. For more information about our current lineup of hybrid and electric Nissan vehicles, contact Executive Nissan or stop by our local Nissan dealership in person today!