If you’re looking for a good value in a car, buying a pre-owned car is an excellent choice. If you’re looking to do some good in our community, buying a pre-owned car is, again, an excellent choice. That’s because we’re donating $25 to local animal adoption agencies for every pre-owned car we sell here at Executive Nissan.

You can find tremendous value in our selection of pre-owned cars here at Executive Nissan. As your Nissan dealers near Wallingford, CT, we’re proud to offer both pre-owned and certified pre-owned Nissan vehicles along with our selection of new models like the 2017 Nissan Altima, and others. You can often find upgraded pre-owned models with more features and amenities priced similarly compared to buying the same model as a new car.

Doing good in our community may make you feel even better than getting a terrific pre-owned car. There are many animals and pets out there who need a good home but can’t find one. Perhaps they are pets that have been abandoned or lost, or maybe they have never had a good home. There are local shelters and rescue agencies in our area that work hard to help previously loved animals and other pets find new homes. For example, the Meriden Humane Society, which was founded more than 120 years ago, believes protecting and improving the lives of abandoned, homeless, and abused pets and animals is a moral responsibility. There are many more pet adoption and rescue agencies in our area working to help protect and improve the lives of animals like the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, Thank Dog Rescue, Kenya’s Cause, Bandit’s Place, and Feral Cats of East Windsor Inc.

Buying a pre-owned car is a great choice for you, and it’s a great choice for shelter pets and rescue animals throughout our area. You’ll get the amazing value that comes with buying a pre-owned Nissan Altima or one of the many other Nissan pre-owned cars in our inventory, and you’ll feel good about helping a previously loved pet find a good home. Stop by Executive Nissan to check out our selection of pre-owned cars today!