Whether you’re driving a sporty Nissan Sentra or a sturdy 2018 Nissan Pathfinder, Executive Nissan knows that you’re seeking great summer driving experiences! Our Nissan service center serving Hamden, CT wants to help Connecticut drivers get ready for a great summer, and has some great tips for preparing your Nissan car, sedan,or SUV for warm weather driving.

Starting to prep your Nissan vehicle for summer is very simple: get it clean inside and out! Removing the trash from your floor (and check all the rows of seats), cabin, trunk, and other hidden spaces provides an easy start for summer driving. Your next step is wiping down your dashboard, steering wheel, and other areas with protective wipes. Purchasing an inexpensive cardboard sunscreen for your windshield can help protect your interior upholstery from heat and damage. You can even take your Nissan vehicle to a reputable car wash to have your interior and exterior cleaned off as well.

You can also prep your Nissan car for summer through a variety of preventative measures, and these are easy to check when you stop to fill your gas tank. Checking your oil, windshield, and transmission fluid levels to determine can determine whether you need full multipoint inspection and service. Checking your air filter and wiper blades, as well as the pressure in your tires (including your spare) can also serve as preventative measures. Our Nissan service center can take care of all of these matters – simply schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle, and our qualified technicians will take care of the rest! 

Get a head start on great summer driving by contacting or visiting our Nissan dealership near Branford, CT. Our dealership knows how much you enjoy driving a great Nissan car, sedan, or SUV, and we’re here to help you have a lively, active summer! Please see us soon!